By becoming a member in a CSA, you are taking an active role in preserving the sustainability of local farming. You are also keeping your food dollars in the local economy, and reducing the amount of fuel used to ship food across the country to your table. The veggies that you receive will also have a higher nutritional value. The majority of your produce will have been picked just a few short hours before you receive it, you can’t get any fresher than that!

We strive to provide the highest quality (not to mention tastiest!) produce we can. You will enjoy many tried and true heirloom varieties, along with some of the most exciting new hybrids. Every winter we spend countless hours searching out the best possible vegetables, flowers, and herbs to offer our customers. We send out weekly emails on Sunday evenings detailing the items in the share for the coming week. We also include recipes and storage instructions. We have also created a Pinterest page with recipe boards for all of the vegetables we raise, in case you need any extra inspiration. What you will receive will vary from week to week during the growing season. In the spring you will enjoy plenty of greens, baby beets, radishes, and snap peas. Warmer months will bring on spring onions, beans, squash, garlic, peppers and tomatoes. Cooler weather will bring more greens, potatoes and other assorted root crops, winter squash, and onions. You can view our What’s in Season page for a more detailed list. Membership entitles you to a 10% discount on all additional purchases from our farm.

Summer 2023 CSA Program

We are very excited to announce our CSA program for this coming summer!

What kind of share do you offer?

We are now offering a free choice share, with pick up any day of the week at the farm stand (unfortunately we will no longer be doing deliveries). This means that you’ll have the convenience and flexibility of shopping on your schedule and choosing the items that you want in the amounts you need. You can use your share dollars to purchase anything at the farm stand, including eggs, flowers, and items that we bring in from other farms. An email will go out every week during the season with details of what we are currently harvesting, and some delicious recipes to try. When we have an abundance of a particular item, we’ll announce any special prices for CSA members in your weekly email.

How does it work?

After you sign up through the PayPal link below, you’ll receive a confirmation email. We’ll keep you posted over the next few months as the farm begins to emerge from its winter rest. As we get closer to opening, you’ll receive a packet in the mail. It will contain your custom farm cash to use when you come to the stand.

You’ll receive (2) $25 tickets to use in June, (4) $25 tickets to use in July, (4) $25 tickets to use in August, (4) $25 tickets to use in September, and (6) $25 tickets to use anytime you choose (plants in the spring, canning veggies in the summer, pumpkins in the fall, completely up to you), for a total $500 value.

Cost: $463 via PayPal (includes PayPal processing fee) If paying by cash/check/Venmo $450.


When you purchase a Wake Robin Farm CSA share, you are agreeing to share in the risks and rewards of small scale agriculture and committing to participate for the entire season you signed up for.  

Refunds are available 30 days after sign up or to those with extenuating circumstances.

Read our FAQ page.