How do pick ups work?

Shares are picked up once per week from the beginning of June through the first week of October. Pick up at the farm is set up market style, all other locations are packed in reusable bags.

Do you offer half shares?

At this time we do not offer half shares. We have a number of members that split shares with friends or neighbors, and they find that works quite well for them. (Please note: we do not split up shares, that is the responsibility of the members splitting.)

What happens if I miss pick up?

If you know in advance that you will be away and unable to pick up, please contact us for options. If you are unable to make it on your pick up day, we encourage you to send a friend or neighbor to pick up for you. We do not return to bagged pick up locations at the end of the day, and neither we nor the host are responsible for bags that are not picked up.

What’s included in the vegetable share?

Every week will include an assortment of 8-12 types of produce, and these will vary according to what is in season. Please visit our What’s in Season page to get a better idea of what is available each month. (Please note that not everything on those lists are grown in a quantity that allows us to add them to the share.)

Do we find out in advance what will be in the share each week?

Absolutely. We send out an email every Sunday night that includes the contents of the share, information about items you may not be familiar with, and recipe ideas. We also have a Pinterest page with a recipe board for every vegetable we grow.

What if I can’t use up everything in the share?

Most vegetables are quite easy to preserve for future use. We understand that life can be very busy these days, so we do not include instructions for canning. We do include instructions for freezing vegetables for later use.

Can I purchase more of these items at the farm or farmers market?

Of course, and all members are entitled to a 10% discount on veggies and flowers.